Lottery winner

Pauline Johnson purchased her winning ticket at the 7-11 on White Oak Road in southern Stafford County. 

Pauline Johnson picked the lottery scratcher ticket because it's purple, and the decision won her a lot of green.

The Fredericksburg resident won $1 million in the Virginia Lottery's $52 Million Cash Spectacular game, according to a news release.

“I like the color purple, so that’s why I picked it,” she said.

The retiree said she plays the lottery regularly at the 7-Eleven at 552 White Oak Road in southern Stafford County, the release said. “Cash4Life is my favorite game, but once in a while I’ll buy a scratcher ticket.”

On the day she won, she purchased two scratcher tickets, the second of which was the $1 million winner.

When she realized she had won, she thought, “Oh my gosh real people really do win this!”

Johnson had the option of taking the full $1 million prize over 30 years or a one-time cash option of $681,000 before taxes. She chose the cash option.

The store received a $10,000 bonus from the lottery for selling the winning ticket.

“I’m very loyal to the owners of the store,” Johnson said.

The $52 Million Cash Spectacular features prizes ranging from $10 up to $1 million. Johnson is the fifth $1 million winner to claim, which means one top-prize ticket remains unclaimed. The odds of winning the top prize in this game are 1 in 1,224,000. The odds of winning any prize are 1 in 3.07.

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